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Matthew Pettis00:02:37

Documentation question: from this page (, in the defrule structure flow has an optional props token. I can't find anywhere in the documentation that talks about what that actually is. Can anyone point me to what that is?


The primary property used currently is salience, which allows users to control the order in which rules fire. Usually it shouldn’t be necessary, but sometimes is useful either for performance optimization or when rules opt out of truth maintenance (by using unconditional insertions and/or RHS retractions). The latter tends to make things more complicated in my experience, but sometimes can be useful/necessary

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Matthew Pettis16:02:24

OK, thank you, this is nice to know.


They are undocumented to discourage use perhaps. Hah


I thought salience may be documented somewhere though. Would have to look

Matthew Pettis19:02:11

I just didn't connect what I read there with what I read in the documentation...

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