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Hi everyone, At we are building Southeast Asia’s most advanced Digital Commerce Intelligence platform that enables Brands & Retailers to better understand and effectively drive their eCommerce performance. We are expanding our team in Singapore, which focuses on building our data platform. Your responsibilities: • Develop & maintain a distributed data sourcing platform that ingests data from multiple sources, including, but not limited to web scraping & search data • Work with data science teams to capture data points relevant for product goals & clean, transform and store the data for further analysis The ideal candidate has: • Expertise in Clojure • Experience (2+ years) of working with functional programming languages. • A good understanding of trade-offs in big data or stream processing • Working knowledge of Object stores, SQL & NoSQL databases is a plus. • Any past work exposure to eCommerce or any commercial data engineering is a plus. • Made contributions to open source projects in the Clojure / data ecosystem. Apply here