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Hi everyone, At we are building Southeast Asia’s most advanced Digital Commerce Intelligence platform that enables Brands & Retailers to better understand and effectively drive their eCommerce performance. We are expanding our team in Singapore, which focuses on building our data platform. Your responsibilities: • Develop & maintain a distributed data sourcing platform that ingests data from multiple sources, including, but not limited to web scraping & search data • Work with data science teams to capture data points relevant for product goals & clean, transform and store the data for further analysis The ideal candidate has: • Expertise in Clojure • Experience (2+ years) of working with functional programming languages. • A good understanding of trade-offs in big data or stream processing • Working knowledge of Object stores, SQL & NoSQL databases is a plus. • Any past work exposure to eCommerce or any commercial data engineering is a plus. • Made contributions to open source projects in the Clojure / data ecosystem. Apply here


💼 LIRIS TECH, based in Zurich :flag-ch:, is looking for a Clojure Developer. 💻 Tech stack: Clojure, JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, Docker 💰 7’000 - 8'000 CHF/month - No remote option ✔️ Full description and option to Apply: 📬 Weekly newsletter with new Swiss IT job offers:


That site is broken on FF 72 (shows up blank)


Works on Chrome


Could you elaborate? I am currently on FF and dont have any problems.


Hmm... strange, I see a blank page on both FF on Linux and on Android. There also is a JS error in the console: RangeError: "invalid date"


Anyways, not a big deal, I can look at it on Chrome


I will investigate anyways. Thanks for bringing that up. Something might be up.


The date error makes me think it could be a locale thing... I suppose you mostly test with CH locale time/date/settings


link not working here as well


The resource from "" was blocked due to MIME type ("text/html") mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).


Yeah, we fixed problem already, but it will be up in few hours. To this time you are forced to use Chrome. :C


Same error for me on Chrome

David Pham22:02:17

The job seems really cool!


Is German mandatory?


Yes, it is in this case.


We have a language filter (if you would like to find other jobs). 🙂


All right, thanks

Steffen Nissen20:02:59

Looking for an experienced Clojure/Clojurescript Developer in New York City

🇺🇸 24
David Pham22:02:12

Is Crédit Suisse using Clojure a lot or is it only NY? Would you be open to have the position in Zurich?

Steffen Nissen13:02:36

Credit Suisse is using Clojure in multiple locations, but I'm not sure if Zurich is one of them