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@hoppy async/await stuff is gone becuase it gives more complexity that the real value. Right now with, p/let p/plet and p/loop and p/recur is more than enough for build a very complex logic without the need of the general purpose async/await


on the JS land you cant retrieve synchronously the value of promise. it is a design decision, promesa can't do nothing here


got it. ps - you are missing docs for loop/recur in current version


I would also suggest that you get a bit more aggressive with documenting what can't be used in cljs.


I also note that @jeaye has a blog post about how to use promesa in clojurescript and he's on defn podcast this round - he is using the old-style api, so that might get confusing


@hoppy If you'd like to update the code for that post to use the latest version of promesa, that'd be awesome.


I haven't used promesa (or any async/await pattern in CLJS) since 2017, when that was written.


I'm probably short on "spare time" atm for that, just wanted to give heads up to all Since ray & vj will make you a rock star - and people will probably read your stuff, come here, and be lost-o

😆 4

Still waiting on that rock star pay check.