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Hi all, maybe a strange question to ask in a channel in Clojurians, but you never know. I’m looking for a Dutch company specializing in Python. We’ve been working on a service in Python. The existing code needs to be developed further to make it ready for production. Ideally we find a company that is also interested in working on this service with us long-term. There is a possibility some components could migrate to Clojure, but no guarantees and the short-term is definitely Python. Would be great to hear some tips!


anyone going to the next meetup? I heard there is going to be a talk ...


sorry folks, I'm under a poop storm at work and also with a running fever, I'm super late updating the meetup details


maybe you can give the password to @kirill.salykin 🙂 hope you're feeling better soon!


Busy week for me, so if it's interesting and doesn't take much time to travel I might join Wednesday.


alright, details updated on both and


What's the address?


Van Leijenberghlaan 197, 1082 GG Amsterdam I guess from google, but better to be sure..


public apologies to @borkdude and the fine folks at Lunatech for the horrible delay


no need to apologize, thanks for updating the information, hope you sleep well!

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