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@lucasbradstreet the problem still persists .. Here is the same test run again. This time I made sure to give you default onyx.log output from start of job until end of killing job. The issue is that after one segment is read off the tx-log from datomic, no more segments are produced from the tx-log until job is killed.


Hello all! I have some problem in my job, here the exeptions:. Unable to resolve symbol: find-rule in this context so the question is: Its possible to run a rule of a datomic query inside a task? here's my example:

(defn find-pattern [pattern segmento]
  (d/q '[:find ?e ?a ?v ?tx ?op
         :in $ %
         (find-rule ?e)
         [?e ?a ?v ?tx ?op]]
       segmento (rule pattern)))


the rule method:

(defn rule [rules-data]
  (as-> rules-data rules
        (into [] (concat '[(find-rule ?e)] [rules]))


found the problem, im call (rule pattern) in my catalog build and inside task again.