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I'm getting a 'Figwheel configuration error' that 'The required key :cljsbuild is missing'. But :cljsbuild is there in the project.clj, so I'm not sure where to go next...


maybe it's at the wrong place? 🙂


Thanks @ashnur. Above is the full error message but I can't get any context from it. Like what key is it looking in that it can't find :cljsbuild. :cljsbuild does exist at the root level of the project.clj, where there is no parent key.


can you share the project.clj file?


well, if it surely works, then i am out of ideas 😞


Yeah - Cursive wants to build stubs, then fails, this being the reason you can look up as the failure message. Perhaps stub building is a different thing to building from a terminal. Actually I'll try building just from lein and see if that works...


There don't seem to be any problems doing lein compile or lein repl from the command line.


is there a way to both: keep :load-warninged-code false and have a reloading on silly warnings like: domina is a single segment namespace ?