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Hi everyone, I’m evaluating clojurescript + reagent for a new project I’m working on and I’ve been struggling for the past couple of days trying to integrate a javascript library ( I have a pretty much “default” project created with lein new reagent my-app +devcards. Is there any good documentation out there on how to import a javascript library into your project? (Btw i’m just concerned about making it work on dev, no need for externs or any prod setup) By the way: I don’t mind importing through a <script>


Maybe this is usefull, I mjust looked at it and maybe try to get it working in the near future


Ok so I just got it working: it was relatively simple. In the handlers.clj I added the following line under loading page:

(include-js “/js/cytoscape-2.7.15.js”)
And I copied the library to my public/js folder


@dsapoetra does it work from your browser's devtools?


Ah, apparently you got your answer from the #re-frame channel


@kauko yup, I got the answer from there, and it works