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Kira Sotnikov12:01:39

I've got next error: Missing file for cnc: /dev/shm/aeron-deploy/cnc What should be in the file?


It should be created by the Aeron media driver


If you're using an external media driver in prod, you may not have started it yet

Kira Sotnikov12:01:26

hah, it was started by root

Kira Sotnikov12:01:32

so name is aeron-root

Kira Sotnikov12:01:44

fixing, thanks simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov14:01:15

lucasbradstreet: hm, weird

deploy@highstorm2:~$ ps aux| grep aeron_media
deploy   30446 31.9  6.9 2928296 142108 ?      Sl   09:44   0:12 java -cp highstorm.jar cognician.highstorm.aeron_media_driver
deploy   30532  0.0  0.0  11712   668 pts/1    S+   09:44   0:00 grep --color=auto aeron_media
deploy@highstorm2:~$ ls -al /dev/shm/
total 0
drwxrwxrwt  2 root root  40 Jan 28 09:44 .
drwxr-xr-x 18 root root 680 Jan 28 09:32 ..

Kira Sotnikov14:01:48

Don't see the directory aeron-deploy, but on another instance it's working good

Kira Sotnikov14:01:00

Could you advice?

Kira Sotnikov14:01:23

I'm running both services by the same way

Kira Sotnikov14:01:33

But one working and another nope 😞

Kira Sotnikov14:01:53

09:44:15.898 [main] INFO  c.highstorm.aeron-media-driver - Launched the Media Driver. Blocking forever...
log file

Kira Sotnikov14:01:20

Hm. first time I've started the driver manually, and after that it works

Kira Sotnikov14:01:44

But I'm using same command in my upstart script and it doesn't work

Kira Sotnikov14:01:07

lucasbradstreet: please let me know once you will be free, Wanna to investigate this

Kira Sotnikov15:01:06

I've fixed the issue, but still don't understand why I can't run it first time with upstart

Kira Sotnikov15:01:48

Sent my upstart config to PM

Kira Sotnikov15:01:34

While I don't start it manually (copy the line with "su - bla bla" and paste to termianl) it doesn't work

Kira Sotnikov15:01:06

I've tried create the dir /dev/shm/aeron-deploy manually, but once I've start the driver it was deleted

Kira Sotnikov15:01:48

At the moment it's not urgent and not critical, but when we start external aeron for prod it will be very important


Odd. Sorry, I’m not much help, I’m not seasoned in upstart


But it is almost definitely to do with the uid that the processes are started under

Kira Sotnikov15:01:55

Okay simple_smile I need a brake, all day fighting with the cluster

Kira Sotnikov15:01:15

Will try later, I suspect it's permission issue