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Joe Lane15:01:25

Has anyone here used Pact before in a clojure system? Its primarily used for testing between services.


Is there anyone experienced in test.check around? I’m interesting in understanding it and have a contextual question...


@lanejo01: no experience, but yes - it’s primary goal is to ensure systems integrate correctly. Instead of testing them together however, it records interactions between them to allow independent testing of consumer / provider. This allows independent rate of change of both systems

Joe Lane20:01:48

Sorry Paul, no experience with test.check yet, as you can probably guess I’m working on learning the testing infrastructure in clojure...


@paulspencerwilliams: I’ve used it. What’s your question?


@paulspencerwilliams: I have some experience too, let's start the conversation :). If it's a contextual question, have you read about property testing in general, or watched any videos?