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@simonb: another Shanghai clojure person? 😄


also just did an app that I might be expanding a bit into some kind of product using om next and datascript.


I love being able to throw the (om/get-query x) straight into datascript pull. But I am displaying dates that are on keys deep in the query. I want to update them so that means re-reading the deep key via core async or so I think.


But since I read the key of the root only I wold need to retrigger the whole query, which is not quite elegant, still thinking about how to solve that. Although this would be a question better asked in #C06DT2YSY


@bbss Hi. Yes. In Shanghai. Not really sure about your issue without seeing code. But if you're updating/mutating a thing in the db the components referencing that part should update automatically. You trigger this by specifying the keys to re-read in the mutate call. Probably more appropriate for #C06DT2YSY.


Yeah. Not mutating is the problem, I just want to read a date in a nice format. I guess I need to put some timer in the propsDidUpdate or so.