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bummer you guys aren’t in stocholm @tord ... i’m currently looking for an consultancy assignment pref in clojure/clojurescript


@kitofr didn't I just see a Clojure-gig in Stockholm?


@timgluz posted about this on the clojure mailing list


wasn’t to informative that page... I’ll see if I can dig up some more info


mhm found it, tnx!


@slipset: Thanks for sharing - @kitofr how much information do you need?


i can write some markov generator to add more information


of course, if anyone was in desperate needs of a Clojure(Script) consultant in Oslo...


We're not really desperate (yet), Clojure skills are a big plus rather than a requirement, and we're looking for a regular employee rather than a consultant. Still, it's a little disappointing that nobody here seems to be interested in the job. Do any of you other employers here have any suggestions for good places to look for potential candidates?


@tord Help to organise local Clojure community (long term)


you will see who is good, you will learn their character and occasionally learn who is willing to change job / looking for new work


I organize Prague Lambda; I found two projects and found very good developer to join my previous company


Also people in your meetup will search for developers; eg my friend is now looking for black-belt Erlang programmers to join his project in London (but I guess this is wrong channel for Erlang opportunities 😉 )


@tord after posting a job here, people actually reached out to me immediately ✌️ this is a great way to chat with the right people so far prosper


there are many good engineers who just prefer to stay in their small cities / villages. I know a few companies which hire remote employers and they don’t have problems with finding developers. Actually I wonder why so few companies hire remote developers. I spent a lot of time working on site and remotely and I don’t see any difference


@tord: I'm in Oslo, but I'm moving this summer and don't like going to an office to work. Bummer.


I agree remote is the future


agreed but on the other hand places like Berlin would have never become startup/tech hubs if ppl did the projects remotely, there is some synergy happening when you share the physical environment as well


@ondrejprochazka: agreed, but does that have to be work/office related? I reccon we have a quite nice startup scene here in stockholm as well, but I would think that has very little to do with actual office space. I would think that, given developer/programmer is the most common occupation in stockholm right now, we have a “lot of horsepower” at the same place.


@kitofr you're right, of course. On the other hand, the reason there might be such a high concentration of talented and skilled people might be that people relocated there because of a job simple_smile


im just speculating here so don’t take me to seriously simple_smile


Maybe we could have a job-related discussion channel and keep this one for offers?


oh sorry 🚓 #C0KL616MN


@yenda: I am sure remote work will become more common in the future, but I believe it works better for some types of work than for others. And I definitely hope it is not the future, because it seems like an awfully depressing way to work to me personally.


Jumping straight to #C0KL616MN. simple_smile


@tord: quick clarification on your posting: would PlayMagnus fund a move to Oslo, or would the new hire have to fund it themselves?


@futuro: We haven't discussed that internally, and since I usually don't take part in any financial decisions, I really don't know. I imagine we would at least be open for negotiation on that point, given a sufficiently interesting candidate.


@tord: That makes sense; thanks.