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Hi! We're looking for a new junior developer at Play Magnus ( It is not exclusively or even primarily a Clojure job (at least not initially), but we do use some Clojure and ClojureScript already, and plan to use them in future projects as well when appropriate. We're still a small team where every employee has significant influence on what technologies are used for new projects, and with another Clojurian on the team, it would be easier to switch more of our business over to Clojure in the future.


We're based in Oslo, Norway, and you have to live here or be willing to move here to apply for the job.


Please feel free to contact me here or by e-mail (tord at playmagnus dot com) before you apply.


Job description follows:


@tord love what you're all doing, by the way.


great/unique take on a chess app.


@gerred: Thanks! We love doing it, too. Most fun job ever. The app wasn't my idea, though -- I just do the chess and AI bits, and didn't contribute much to the original concept or design.


ah fair enough.


@tord do you do the chess processing in Clojure as well?


@thomas: There is no Clojure or ClojureScript in the current iOS or Android apps. The AI bits are written in C++ for performance, the GUI is written in C# (using Xamarin). We have an unfinished and unreleased web version of the app written in Clojure and ClojureScript. We also have some server-side Clojure software for archiving and analysing the games played in the app, but since this is related to features and projects that are still under wraps, I can't go into details.


@tord: no problem… once you have some would love to hear how you guys have been doing this. maybe on a conference in the future?


@thomas: I hope so; conferences are always fun. simple_smile