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Gleb Posobin04:10:06

Is anyone using AWS amplify console to deploy a CLJS SPA? The build script I have takes 3 minutes to build because it downloads all the packages anew on every build, which sucks, I haven't been able to figure out how to enable caching for them.


@posobin Not sure if it applies to Amplify, but we solved similar issues in Elastic Beanstalk by building via a Github Action, uploading to S3, then triggering the deploy via the already-built bundle in S3.


To clarify, EB doesn’t try to build your app for you (I guess it can do via CodeCommit etc) but confusingly the eb CLI script didn’t give you access to the entire EB API, whereas the aws CLI script allowed us to do this.


I want to disable automatically closing issues when people write "closes #xyz" in a PR on Github. How do I do this?


you can’t (

🙁 3

You just gotta release every commit. It's continuous deployment in this jungle. Deploy or be deployed.


A "workaround" would be to add a dev branch in the middle @borkdude but it's not possible to change the default pull request branch. Github flow I suppose captures this:


and, of course, you shouldn't merge a PR that says "fixes #xyz" and doesn't actually do so


I usually look at the code and tests but sometimes miss fixes/closes etc in the text

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:10:07

just use patches instead :)


Use !Github 😄


Maybe I'll set up a custom JIRA install somewhere


There is also jira cloud. it almost "works", you just need switch accounts 3 times, in incognito mode and switch do "old style UI v2-next". It will occour every time that you open the website. but after this "setup" it will "work" (a bit slowly)