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[metosin/malli "0.2.0"] & [metosin/reitit "0.5.9"] are out! Malli is a new data-driven data validation and specification library for Clojure/Script. This version adds the following: • improved handling of schema references: conditional walking, generators, JSON and Swagger Schemas • BREAKING (MINOR): map-utilities in malli.util automatically deref the top-level schemas • optional schema transformation schemas: :merge, :union and :select-keys • new options for explicitly configuring or disabling sci • support microsecond precision when parsing datetime strings • OpenAPI 3.0.3 in (click Pet) Reitit is a fast data-driven routing library for Clojure/Script. Few small fixes and support for the non-alpha malli. • Discussion in #malli & #reitit

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babashka/process: A wrapper for java.lang.ProcessBuilder. This library can be used from the JVM and later this week there will probably be a new babashka release including the lib.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:10:46

Cool! I struggle somewhat with when I would want to use pipeline but I guess I will get it when I actually use the library. BTS isn't there a typo in: "The pipeline function returns a sequential of processes " -> sequence?


a sequential is something which returns true for sequential?

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Usually you will just use -> to pipe processes but in some cases this doesn't work well due to buffering, this is when you will use pipeline, it's probably a niche use case

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seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.1.610"} -- -- supports duckdb; allows for more control over result set processing; improves compatibility with HoneySQL -- follow-up in #sql

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