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Follow up on my ES questions: It turns out that when using AWS-hosted ES, you have the ability to use IAM RBAC, so you need to sign outgoing http requests. Now, Cognitect’s aws-api provides a credential provider: credentials-provider which I can use call fetch on and it will give me the needed credentials. I found which seems to be providing both the building blocks and a clj-http middleware, but I’d prefer if I could reuse the cognitect aws-api for that too and provide my own wrapper for clj-http. It seems to be a common request for other reasons: — so, (deep breath) — any news or input on that?


interesting, wasn't aware of that fork from org.sharetribe/aws-sig4 (which I've used before and has worked well)


@orestis I tried to make it work but gave up :-) instead we run the ES cluster in a special subnet with no ingress/egress outside of the VPC + security group rules


It’s my fallback :) but at least I would like some username and password going on :)