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im trying to use net.sf.jtidy/jtidy {:mvn/version "r938"}, but in (:import (org.w3c.tidy Tidy)) it's marked as unresolved. is it possible that it's caused by the :mvn/version starting with a letter instead of a number?


Shouldn’t be, I don’t think. Check in File-&gt;Project Structure to see if a library was created, and if it’s attached to your module correctly.

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Oliver George03:10:46

What's the intellij repl command to find something in the repl history. E.g. "<ctrl-r>(def db @re<tab>" to find the last full command with that string in it.


Cmd-Opt-E on macOS action name is Search REPL History

Oliver George04:10:17

Was hoping for something more like bash command completion but greatly appreciated anway


u can still type anything in that dialog and that filters the list by fuzzy searching whatever u typed


just like in most intellij tool windows or dialog boxes or popups


RIght, that view should narrow down on typing, if it doesn’t (or doesn’t do what you expect) let me know.

Oliver George04:10:05

Will do. It's sluggish but I've been playing with a large chunk data. I suspect I'll need a fresh history to see it working well.

Oliver George04:10:32

@cfleming do you think IntelliJ will ever have a repl comprable to the chrome console (richer ways to drill into data...)


Yep, I’ve been working on a data browser, and that should be available at some point soon for inline evaluation in the editor, as well as possibly in the REPL output too.

Oliver George04:10:13

That sounds quite exciting


I’m quite excited 🙂


I have a bunch of different changes on the go, they should all be in there over the coming months.

AJ Jaro13:10:36

I have a CLJC namespace that I want to “Find Usages” for. When I command click or use the context menu, it does not display any references for CLJS usages of that namespace. However, when I “Find Usages” for any functions in that namespace it works as expected. Cursive version: 1.9.4-eap6-2019.3

AJ Jaro13:10:25

The same situation occurs with this version: 1.9.4-eap6-2020.2


Hmm, I’ll check that - CLJC is still a bit funky unfortunately.


a weird thing happened the other day, I don't know what I did but suddenly "send top form to REPL" changed its behaviour, normally I can be anywhere in a form that's inside a comment form and go send-top-form-to-REPL and it will send the top form but not the parent comment form to the REPL, but now it changed to send (comment (my-top-form...)) to the REPL. Restarting IntelliJ fixed it but I don't know why it did it


That can happen if IntelliJ decides to index at the time you’re sending the form - I’ve been meaning to add a workaround for that.


uh indexing I wish IntelliJ wouldn't be quite so keen to index all the time


what setting controls soft-wrap in the repl? i want it completely disabled and from what i can see it is, but it always auto-enables when an output line is long enough


It should be controlled by the soft-wrap icon in the REPL toolbar - is that not working? I’m pretty sure this never happens to me.


yeah it’s strange, I have it turned off via the icon in the toolbar, but it turns itself on when one of my output lines is long enough , i haven’t determined the exact length that makes it turn on but it’s rather frustrating


hi @cfleming, to easily reproduce this it seems once an output line is over 100000 chars it turns on soft-wrap automatically , i.e (println (repeat 50000 "x")) , do you know of any intellij internals that might be setting this limit? can’t see any settings anywhere


@U0HJCPF3J Looks like, there’s a property you can set using Help-&gt;Edit Custom Properties…


> You can disable it by setting editor.soft.wrap.force.limit to a very large value (longer than any lines you work with), but you’ll most probably get a worse performance, so it’s a tradeoff for now.


ahh thanks!


Looks like there’s a *print-right-margin* var you might be bumping into?


That would be a Clojure thing not a cursive thing, so cursive setting won’t affect it.


It would be really cool if cursive REPL could change this setting so the pprint would respect the REPL window width automatically.


Even though my fingers have gotten used to spacemacs, I am finding Cursive is the bomb when doing Java interop. So nice to be able to dig deep into those Java objects! Thanks for Cursive @cfleming!


Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad it’s helpful. I’m planning to document all the interop functionality, it’s not all very discoverable right now.


I'm getting a "Run Configuration Error: No modules containing clojure.main found" when I try to add a run configuration. Can someone help?


Have a look in File/Project Structure and you may find your project has no JDK defined for it.


Thanks @U0D5RN0S1! That's the first thing I checked. I also made sure that all my new default projects has a JDK defined.


And Modules / Dependencies has a has a Module SDK?


Yes, I just checked, and it's set to the Project SDK


Invalidate Caches and Restart?


Just did it, and still the same result. I'm trying to use deps.edn to setup the run configuration instead of lein. I have the simplest deps.edn file right now. Not sure if it's relevant

{:deps {}}


Usually you right click on it and 'Add as Clojure Deps project'. But you would want a better file than that...


oh! where do I right click?


Oh! That worked! Thanks @U0D5RN0S1! i didn't know about that step!


Do I have to do that every time I make a new project?


@U419CTSQN How did you create that project?


Yes a deps.edn project. Else you can add the xml file under .idea yourself. But no need these days...


I made a new folder, then opened it with intellij. Ahh. I think that might've been my mistake


Right, at some point you need to let Cursive know that you want this to be a deps project using whichever deps.edn. If you just open an empty project then you’ll get… an empty project 🙂


Thank so much again @U0D5RN0S1. I'll make sure to create all my project via the the new project wizard next time


Lol, yeah. I feel really dumb facepalm


Don’t feel dumb, IntelliJ is huge and confusing if you’re not used to it.


And in particular it works a bit differently to more file-based things like Emacs, VSCode or whatever.


Since it’s more project-based.


Ha. No worries. Yes setup things can be tough sometimes.


Yes, I see that now. I'm coming from vscode, so that was a learning experience. Thanks again! 😄


thanks @cfleming as well! 😄

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