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Hi @channel, my name is PJ. I am a complete beginner, and am learning how to code on my own (while working fulltime as a interaction designer/product manager). Came across this while reading up on Clojure, and pleased to connect with folks here. 🙂 The one piece of advice I am seeking is this: is my approach to learning programming sound? I would love to get your feedback (all candid opinions and feedback welcome! Please tear down my idea…) My thinking is this: • To complete, to learn programming logic (& Racket) • To then learn ClojureScript & React - this is to start coding some app ideas that I have, for both web and mobile (which will then use React Native). Would this remove the need for me to learn more Javascript and/or to code in JS? Thanks in advance!


I think HtDP is an excellent grounding for a beginner to programming. I took Gregor Kiczales' Systematic Program Design course online, which is based on HtDP, and it was great fun.

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There are lots of great resources for learning Clojure/Script, once you have that sort of basis @peijing.teh and folks here will be happy to get you up and running (see the #beginners and #clojurescript channels). Instead of React, you'll end up using something like Reagent which is a ClojureScript wrapper around React -- it's nice (although I'm a bit behind the curve there so don't take my word on cljs 🙂 )

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Thanks for the kind reply @U04V70XH6! 🙂


Your web site is fascinating. I hope you enjoy learning about programming and that you have a fun and happy journey with Clojure here.

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Wow thanks for the kind words!