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is there any way to make :infer-warnings show up in the shadow-cljs hud? they show up in the stdout, but we’d like to see them in the hud as well


and maybe even also make :warnings-as-errors also treat :infer-warning as an error


Is there a way to get the browser to reconnect after the shadow-cljs connection has been close?


@wombawomba it should be trying to reconnect on its own?


It doesn’t though… I need to refresh


FWIW this happens whenever my laptop goes to sleep


@kommen they should show up in the HUD just as any other warning? as does :warnings-as-errors?


I don’t think I’m on the newest shadow-cljs version though.. perhaps this has been fixed in newer releases?


yes. that was changed not too long ago.


when this happens there’s a red box saying “Connection closed!” where the usual messages go


alright, I’ll try the newest version and see if that fixes it 🙂 thanks


@thheller true that. upgrading from shadow-cljs 2.8.91 to the latest version indeed makes them show up in the hud 🙈

Alexis Vincent23:10:30

@thheller what is the status on :esm?

Alexis Vincent23:10:35

I’m looking to spend some time getting NextJS working with shadow-cljs. Looking through your next-cljs project and approach seems straightforward for automation. But for now I’d like to build things out manually to get a feel for how viable this is. Output needs to work in both node and browser. Have tried :esm and :npm-module but get duplicate require issues. Which target is best to try work through? Is this something you would be ok lending some support if I were to build out a proper integration?