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Is there an equivalent of :local/root in the alternative tools e.g. lein or boot? The reason for the question is because this makes debugging 3rd party library (say reagent) wildly easy. Just clone the lib, add it as a :local/root and then start editing the library as if it was part of your project. Seems like reason enough for Clojure Tools to be used over alternatives.


@tkjone I think that is what checkouts is for in Leiningen? (I've never used that but it sounds a bit like using :local/root in deps.edn)

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There's also a plugin for Leiningen that lets you specify your dependencies via a deps.edn which, presumably, would also serve you for this purposes I think...

seancorfield00:10:47 -- yes, it supports :local/root and :git/url, according to its README.


(`checkouts` would require that the checked-out library be a Leiningen project as well -- Rick's plugin should work for non-lein projects, but for transitive dependencies you'd need it to have pom.xml or deps.edn in it I think)


Was there a change recently (past month or so) in that changed the order of the classpath? In clojure I’m seeing clojure -Spath puts deps.edn :paths first (e.g., with {:paths ["src/main/clojure"] ,,,}, src/main/clojure is the first item in the classpath), and in clojure I’m seeing :paths listed last.


> 0.9.799 on Sep 16, 2020- Fix classpath ordering for paths and libs


Cheers! Is there a quick way to correlate tools.deps versions other than looking at the change log?


i'm not sure. i just remembered that change being discussed vaguely. sorry


correlate versions to what?


No worries, you already did more than I could do on my own 🙂


The clojure-tools release and the releases. Looking at the clojure -h on an installation, I see the former. I’d like to get at the latter more easily.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:10:46

That’s kind of a consolidated release page for clj and tools.deps (versions of that included for reference) only for stable versions of clj

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Yeah, found that. I was hoping to have something similar to the output of clojure -h on the command line, to aid in debugging rather than referring to a webpage. That works, though.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:10:44

you can tell by doing clj -A:deps -Stree | grep tools.deps.alpha


writes that down