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I have an issue with cider-clojuredocs when working on a project using tools.deps (Clojure CLI). This seems to be spacemacs specific. When I run cider-clojuredocs I get an "wrong type argument: char-or-string-p nil error. Other things appear to be working fine - I can evaluate forms in the repl, run tests, evaluate forms etc. However, cider-clojuredocs gives the above error and things like cider-doc or cider-apropos fail with errors about unable to resolve symbol even though I'm requesting standard/core functions. Running the same project, but using lein rather than CLI and all works fine. Running CLI based project in a basic emacs setup (no spacemacs) seems to work fine as well, so I have logged an issue with the spacemacs maintainers. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this?


I haven't seen such problem myself, and I don't see how it can be related to the build tool in general. Do you have the complete stacktrace for the error?


The stacktrace is

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument char-or-string-p nil)
  cider-try-symbol-at-point("ClojureDocs doc for" cider-clojuredocs-lookup)
  funcall-interactively(cider-clojuredocs nil)
  call-interactively(cider-clojuredocs nil nil)


I just did a comparison of the cider buffer for the non-spacemacs working version and the spacemacs failing one. They are both identical - load the same versions, same arguments and same cmd line. This has to be something spacemacs is doing with how it is passing arguments in. I notice that when running spacemacs, when I do , h d (the binding for cider-clojuredocs, there is no default value - the prompt just says "clojuredocs doc for: while with the working version, it has a default value (current symbol under point) e.g. clojuredocs doc for (default println): for example.


Yeah, probably some configuration difference. Please, open a ticket on CIDER's issue tracker with all this info and I'll take a closer look when I can.


Shouldn't be hard to figure this one out.


OK, will try some troubleshooting first and then if I don't make any progress will open an issue. I do suspect it is spacemacs specific and have laready opened and issue on the spacemacs repo site.

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I tried to debug this problem, but it was beyond my elisp skills. I've logged an issue against the cider repo.


i made a deeply nested namespace in my project for testing stuff out. now my repl prompt is very long and that makes me sad. is there a way to shorten it to not have the entire namespace, or like the first letter of each folder?


oh hi, thanks!


nm, i found it


Hello! I'm running into an issue using re-jump.el for navigation in a re-frame app. I think I have an idea of where the problem originates. However, I've not debugged emacs packages much. I'd appreciate help figuring out whether I'm on the right track. Details in this issue:


I'll respond to your ticket.

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