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Drew Verlee01:06:08

I'm curious if there is any interest in a online study group for m.i.t distributed systems class. A fellow clojurian is taking the time to port the code from go to clojure. If your interested I made a quick sign up form here It will probably be a month before we get going.

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That’s pretty cool, just signed up.


To be honest it depends on timezones for me, but same =)…


Signed up!

Drew Verlee13:06:12

cool. I'm going to make a reddit and clojure forum post soon and set the starting date for about a month from now.

Daniel Tan09:06:47

anyone use sublime text for their clojure/script stuff ?


Well, I’m working on it:

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Daniel Tan09:06:20

nice. I’m using terminus plus sendcode but i was wondering if there’s something nicer


I don’t know sendcode, but Tutkain aims to provide a bespoke Clojure experience. Feel free to give it a try, but I’m actively working on it, so be prepared for breakage etc.


Also, there’s not much in the way of documentation yet — feel free to PM me, though.


(The screenshot in the README is out of date. Here’s what it currently looks like for me.)

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Although the doc popup is not yet in the master branch.


that looks super cool!


Anyone recommend a super sweet OSS dashboard with a dark theme? this is nice but the light theme and contrast kills my eyes.


Is there any I dont care about split brain, consistency just give me high availability replication scheme? (AFAIK all the distr. system tools like zookeeper, consul, etcd etc. also databases uses something like paxos/raft where system is not usable if majority of the nodes are down for a good reason)


@cakir-enes some database based on crdts maybe?


it might be possible to use one of the existing distributed datastores and change the settings to not care about split brain


many have configurable consistency guarantees


mongodb is generally characterized as shipping default settings that prioritize performance over consistency


never used it, but I like to grab some popcorn whenever there’s a new jepsen post about mongo


> never used it, but I like to grab some popcorn whenever there’s a new jepsen post about mongo Me too, selling a database with a priority on data consistency while it's that totally not is a pretty good move. When I heard our new marketing manager was employed at MongoDB at first I was like, wait, that stupid wanna be database? And then I was like, this is actually good for us, their marketing department did awesome things.


regarding the original question, riak might also be a good fit, > In a distributed and fault-tolerant system like Riak, server and network failures are expected. Riak is designed to respond to requests even when are offline or the cluster is experiencing a network partition.


you can set your consistency level way down if you need to


iirc the consistency is set per write/read so you can be pretty custom about it