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Good morning. Forecast says 29C here in Oslo today. Too hot...


good morning!


29 in Oslo?!?!


I moved from London to Scotland to avoid that kind of nonsense


but if it is getting people in Oslo...


I have a question guys, one guy is negotiating a project rate with me and I have no idea about a wage for Clojure devs in EU. The project is highly volatile and lifespan is unpredictable, and I'm thinking about offering him a half time availability as I'll be dropping one of current projects. I have 8+ years of experience in the field, but with some derails towards Data Science. Have been tinkering w/Clojure since 2014, but never written for production. Any pointers are highly appreciated :)


that depends a bit on where the work is happening (London pays more than other things) and the field (banking pays more than 3rd sector)


and what kind of work you are doing


data science and devops pay more than web programming


good morning, ☀️ this morning but 22 not those crazy Norwegian temperatures ... and will be :thunder_cloud_and_rain: this afternoon so I'll have to stay indoors and write Clojure. Or watch puppy videos :thinking_face:


@raymcdermott you can twiddle the alpha on your emacs frame and have the puppy videos playing behind your code


@otfrom well, it's some back-end Clojure for data processing, company is based in Amsterdam and the role is remote.


I'd expect that to be between GBP 400 - 600 per day for a contractor in the UK for that kind of work


Out of curiosity, if you're a contractor in the UK, what does that entail in terms of benefits?


Reason I'm asking is if I take the upper limit of your estimate, I get:

user> (* 600 20)
;; => 12000
user> (* 12.5 (* 600 20))
;; => 150000.0


Which is an approx monthly salary (first in GBP, second in NOK)


So I imagine this is pre-tax, pre-insurance, pre-everything, right?


Which means you'd have to deduct taxes, (health, unemployment) insurance, pension etc from that number?

Ben Hammond11:06:50

that is the gross figure, so the contractor has to pay for all their taxes (corporation and personal and National Insurance), pension, professional insurance, public liability insurance, expenses, salary, dividend etc out of that rate. Doesn't have to pay for VAT though; that gets added on top and paid by the client who then claims it back from the government

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Ben Hammond11:06:14

salaries in UK are lower than in Norway

Ben Hammond11:06:31

I expect they are lower in the Netherlands too


Do you mean salaries in general are lower in the UK than in Norway (something I think I can agree to) or specifically for programmers (I might doubt this)


And of course, comparing salaries across nations doesn't really make sense, since, well you know 🙂


Thanks guys!