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Hi everyone, I have set dotspacemacs-smartparens-strict-mode to t but when ever I try to arrange the long key into multiple lines the whole map gets distorted like this - (I'm using the excellent init.el provided in @jr0cket’s


It was like this before pressing new-line on the key line :


@U6CE37RK6 Looks like the auto align form configuration. Insert a new empty line in between SPA-status and user lines, then they won't align themselves. Then you can change the SPA-status line without the other lines changing automatically

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Thanks a lot


I should add a section on this to the Spacemacs book, so thanks for asking

Drew Verlee12:06:21

auto align is great, tell you open the 99% of projects that dont use it and you have to turn it off. i wouldn't recommend it outside setting up a formatting for a project that you can enforce.


Or you can just do one commit specifically to format all the code in the project. I find this far more readable and one of the biggest improvements to understanding the code quickly.