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Hi all, I managed to eval Clojure in org-mode without project.clj and cider. Maybe someone is looking for this solution, you can check my emacs config:


Howdy! Since the sheer amount of people that can get hype about this are pretty slim and I am over here just brimming with excitement ya'll get a peek at this awesomeness that arrived today.

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I custom designed a mech keyboard to complement my emacs (spacemacs theme although I dont use SM). I personally designed each key using inkscape with an emacs macro in mind. Even the font matches! Its pretty cool and I thought some of you might appreciate : )


that looks awesome. i'm also digging the two mice. do you sometimes left hand the moue?


Yeah depending on how much scrolling through documentation I have to do I like to alternate to give my righty a break 😂 took a week to get used to but I highly recommend


I'm intrigued but confused, what? Two mice? Can you explain more?


Wow, just looking at this is so uplifting.

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my boss two years ago got used to left hand mouse for less travel and he raved about it


nice setup!


its always struck me as something clever people do


Thank you folks!! I’m very excited lol It’s ironic bc upon getting this in the mail I realized that I reckon that (for the most part) the typical emacs user and the type of person that would get hyped about a pink/purple custom keyboard… well, they don’t exactly overlap… lol but hopefully ye ole fellow neckbeards can join me in an approving nod and a stoic “yeah, thats cool” 😂

Eric Ihli22:06:53

Brilliant. Nice setup. I have ordered a second mouse. It's so obvious now. Also makes me want to experiment with a symmetrical mouse in the middle of a split keyboard.