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Michel A.09:06:13

hello, I have a web server app with a main page and serving some files from the resources (using duct framework). Among these files (which are located in the resource directory of my project) there are some located under a hidden folder (eg: resources/my-project/public/.well-known/assetlinks.json). When I use : `lein run`  to launch the server, the given file are served correctly under localhost:3000/.well-known/assetlinks.json However, when using the command : lein uberjar java -jar target/my-project-standalone.jar => all files located under a non hidden directory are served but NOT the ones under the hidden directory. => when running unzip -l my-project-standalone.jar I cannot see the hidden directory files either. Any ideas on what’s going on ? Thanks

Michel A.22:06:35

In fact the solution to my problem was to add to my project.clj :jar-inclusions [#"^.*\.well-known/assetlinks.json"]