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Rowan Barnard12:06:53

Hi @seancorfield, sorry didn't realize Slack got rid of my old threads after a certain point, was it complement that I no longer need to add on the clj commandline when running your deps.edn? Because Chlorine no longer needs it or has something like it integrated right? So the command for a standard workflow would be clj -A:deps:test:rebl-11-win:socket assuming I'm on Java 11 Windows correct? Will make sure to note everything down on my local machine backed up to cloud storage in future, lesson learned 😅


@flyingpython the @zulip-mirror-bot backs everything up to the Clojurians ZulipChat service and that is searchable. But, yeah, you can omit Compliment as Chlorine can do its own completion. And you only need :deps if you might want to add dependencies to the REPL after starting it up (I do but not many people do).