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are there any libraries that let you build up workflows similar to the diagram from the clojure.core.async talk bonus points if the library will also create diagrams from the workflow definitions


I realize clojure.core.async is intended for this, but I’m not sure how one would take clojure.core.async code and produce a diagram similar to the above

Eccentric J00:06:33

This strikes me as what most transducer or stream libraries provide no?


apache storm is in a similar space. do you have examples of others?


you can build these workflows/topologies using stream, core.async and transducers, but the topology/workflow itself isn’t typically reified as something you can inspect and manipulate after the fact


Checkout ubergraph I use it to plot onyx jobs

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Onyx. I really wish they were able to get enough traction on that protect.


thanks @UQY3M3F6D, I’ll check it out!


and in case anyone is following along, I’ve found some inspirations from even though it’s a slightly different use case.


Also take a look at #pathom

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@UQY3M3F6D you solved my current problem suggesting that library. Hurray for serendipity :thumbsup::skin-tone-3:

Linus Ericsson09:06:18

Oh, I’m delighted to hear that!


Never seen this slide, which video is that? He has a point (no way! 😄)

Endre Bakken Stovner11:06:26

I do not get it 😕


Are you using rewrite-clj or rewrite-cljs? @lee is working on a follow up library called rewrite-cljc: Please share your lib for compatibility testing in #rewrite-clj


I love the idea of cljr but it never seems to work on any project I ever open. Maybe this is my fault, but the fear it's going to do something unexpected always keeps me from seriously using it outside my own hobby projects.


If you decide to try again someday @U0DJ4T5U1, I’d love to learn about what kind of failure you are experiencing.


I can't imagine any long time user doesn't run into the same issues. i tried to convert to a thread first macro yesterday and my repl crashed.


@U0DJ4T5U1 what are you referring to with cljr?


that's something completely different


so it is, thats what i get for reading late into the night 🙂


maybe you should try rewrite-clj though, it's awesome 😉


interesting. and impressive. What itch is this scratching? As in, whats an example of how this is being used?


@U0DJ4T5U1 many projects using code analysis and code rewriting use this. e.g. clj-kondo, clojure-lsp


yea. that makes sense. Why is it important that it be whitespace aware for what its trying to do?


oh, i guess so it can "rewrite it"


yeah. for clj-kondo this isn't important though, but since it doesn't directly use sexprs it's able to also save location metadata for e.g. numbers, strings, and keywords, which clj-kondo does need

Dmitry K13:06:07

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