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I find this code2flow thing is quite useful to draw flowchart. Is there any equivalent lib in Clojure which can do the same thing? It’d be great.


That's really neat


@nxqd this is similar... just needs the clojure code analysis to nomnoml dsl

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I am using it to try to viz clara rules


the basic option is that you could generate DOT files and use graphviz

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if you’re happy to use a webtool, accepts DOT files as get param iirc


The spammer, Android Nerd, has been deactivated. If you find his messages in any channels, let me know and I'll delete them.

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@dnolen was looking into your delimc project this morning and going over the references (thanks for including those!). On a scale from throwaway experiment to production ready where would you put that project? I'm sure it would need a little love but just wondering if you had had an instinct of whether it could be dependable or if it was just a fun experiment


The fact that it's 6 years old would make me pause πŸ˜„


Agree. Just trying to gauge if it's fundamentally sound or a toy to explore with


It's from the days when clojure was a lisp


Just joking. Just feels like there were a lot more "lispy" experiments back then


I'm not sure I would suggest using libraries that do control flow rewriting that are not based on tools.analyzer, not because I'm the author of t.a. but because this stuff is hard and capturing all the semantics of clojure is really hard -- core.match has some issues around using recur for example, and it doesn't even really do control flow rewriting of code

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using one of t.a or the cljs analyzer or interopping with the clojure compiler (like core.typed did) are all fine for me, OTOH hand rolling a clojure analyzer is bound to create massive breakage of edge-cases

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Yeah. T.a is on my list of things to learn. Thanks for the feedback


Have you written any stuff about it?


I would buy that book in a heart beat


no, I've been meaning to blog about it for the past 5 years but inertia 😬

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(I'm way more obsessive than others about getting edge cases right, so maybe the lack of a fully clojure compliant analysis is not going to be much of a problem in practice, I haven't actually looked at delimc)