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@loganpowell hello and welcome! I personally use lein on all my projects but IIRC @mjmeintjes is using shadow-cljs

Logan Powell10:05:41

@mihaelkonjevic thank you for the warm welcome. It's a true pleasure to be greeted by the creator himself! I've gotten in touch with Matt and will be using his template for my exploration (starting today)!

Logan Powell11:05:50

If you don't mind, I will post my questions here unless you would prefer me to put them on stackoverflow, github or somewhere else. Just let me know. First question: I'm looking around the docs for keechma toolbox and noticed that if I click on the same link twice (e.g., >) the page is reloaded even though the URL didn't change. I read on the controllers docs ( that "If the previous value [returned from the URL Controller Manager] was not nil and the current value is not nil but those values are same, it won't do a thing". What's causing the rerender?


@loganpowell I’m not sure if you’re asking about the site, but that site is a static build, it’s not using Keechma since it’s not a web app


If you’re interested in Keechma app that’s deployed I’d recommend!login

Logan Powell12:05:36

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. So the actual router is a server-side service not a client side service


it’s not really a server-side service, it’s a bunch of HTML files 🙂

Logan Powell12:05:14

Gotcha, static site served one page request at a time

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Logan Powell12:05:14

Ok, one more question 🙏 are there any tutorials online? I'm looking in the "Guides," but I was hoping to find a simple step-by-step for a bare-bones setup somewhere... Something like this one for reagent:

Logan Powell12:05:39

oh, just found your annotated source examples. I think I'll start there


@loganpowell there is a lot of stuff in - but if there’s anything unclear please ask here and I’ll try to answer asap

Logan Powell12:05:44

@mihaelkonjevic Thank you sir. You are both a generous and patient genius 🙂

Logan Powell13:05:06

Loved this: - Why (are we rendering this UI)? - because the data is present in the AppDB - Why (is this data present in this AppDB) - because controllers placed it in there - Why (did the controllers place this data in the AppDB) - because they were started - Why (were these controllers started) - because their params functions returned the non nil value - Why (did the controllers' params function return the non nil value) - because the route contained the data these controllers were interested in