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@jekyllislandtours Thanks for reporting this. The only expected thing you get is OpenCL 2.0 exception, since there is no Mac that does support OpenCL 2.0. Unfortunately, my mac does not support any OpenCL, so I am unable to reproduce this. It is best if you can open issues on GitHub, so some of the users that do have OpenCL might try to reproduce this.


After reading over the past issues and google groups it appears that at least one user has suggested bundling the dependencies (i.e. mkl) with neanderthal and after weighing the tradeoffs of doing so it still might be beneficial and worthwhile to do both. Perhaps having a version that is lite (doesn't have dynamic libraries) allowing the flexibility to swap out the mlk version is great and should be so for the reasons the author(s) give. Perhaps neanderthal might better live up to the excitement and good vibes of its website by making the barrier to entry for those just getting started much easier. So why not do both. The former exists... good. The latter could make it trivial to get started and would also serve as an example of how to bundle the dynamic libraries with their app/jar--something people ask about as well. The documentation necessary to educate new users about the difference would likely be simpler than what the new user has to navigate now. It might in the most simple case be as simple as adding the dependency. Perhaps I don't know what I don't know however... I am assuming the redistribution of these dynamic libraries is allowed.


Please open a new issue for each of your suggestions, so we may continue further discussion(s) there.