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@ikitommi any plans to add support for OpenAPI 3.0 to Ring Swagger?


@sammikko yes, we just ported swagger2-support from ring-swagger to schema-tools and for ClojurScript too. Next would be to add Openapi3. There are issues for that in botj schema-tools & spec-tools. Would you like to help?


I could have a look yeah, what kind of issues are there? I've been thinking of doing some open source work, need to get an idea what kind of work we are talking about 🙂


I have read the OpenAPI3 spec few times, should be quite streightforward to implement those, but a lot of work. Both libs have the Swagger2 as an example, schema-tools.swagger.core and spec-tools.swagger.core, I would just add new namespaces with swagger -> openapi.


If you happen to visit Tampere, come at our office and we could check about that.


ok, ill check out the spec first