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Hey, I have a compojure-api app that has a lot of endpoints. Recently I have moved my token from the "Authorization" header to a "token" parameter on all request for unrelated reasons. However, now compojure-api is throwing Request validation failed exceptions on all my routes because token is a disallowed-key. The token parameter is handled by authentication middleware on ring and not by compojure-api. Is there a way to allow a parameter on all endpoints without writing it on all endpoints?


@kasuko what kind of paramerer that is? extra body parameter?


url parameter


url? you can add the parameter definition into a context too, and it gets accumulated into leafs. Something like:

  (context "/api/:token" []
    :path-parameter [token :- s/Int]
    (GET "/" []
      (ok token))
    (POST "/" []
      (ok token))))


Oh whoops, I meant query parameter but I can modify this. Thanks for the help!