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@cfleming many thanks for the replies. Definitely looking forward to test integration support for cljs. And generally, Intellij really has some great features there around diffing and idividual test report that could be very nice to have


@cfleming have you used the SQL integration in Intellij to execute SQL snippets against a database? Intellij has this great feature where it highlights the snippets (with a border box) showing you wake you would execute


Would be very cool to have in a clojure editor.. to integrate the repl more tightly with the editor pane


@ramblurr Interesting, do you have a screenshot of what you mean?


@cfleming check out this video starting at 3:40


(on mobile so it's hard to get the direct link)


It's one if my favorite features of SQL editing in Intellij. And I think it would translate very well to clojure too


I see, interesting, thanks. One issue I see with that is that it’s possible to choose the form to execute in several ways (top-level form, form before the caret, selection) - this could only highlight one of them.


There’s a related issue which I can’t search for right now about highlighting the sexp under the caret.


@cfleming my use case was to repeat something I evaluated long time ago, don't want to go all the way back manually


@joelsanchez Do you know about Tools-&gt;REPL-&gt;Search REPL History? You can narrow down there by typing.


@cfleming of course there had to be a way :) thanks


@cfleming I agree with your observation, the feature as implemented wouldn't work exactly for clojure. But the bounding box highlight that is very very handy for seeing nested expressions. One thing you don't see in the video is that when you press the key to execute a statement,if it's nested, a small I mention pop-up offers you the nested options starting from closest to the top level


That said, I was really wishing for this feature in cursive before I found the "execute top level expression under cursor" keybind


Anyways, thought you'd be interested to see an example if the Intellij editor being more interactive


Any news on strucurual editing and ideavim? Ref


@ramblurr Don't know if this would help you. But a little while ago I made a template for nodejs / aws lambda that includes instructions for a working cursive cljs repl.


@lloydshark Thanks for the link. I've managed now to get a cursive cljs repl with node.


Just not the clojure.test integration, which according to @cfleming isn't implemented yet


Yeah I didn't try that.