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Oliver George00:05:00

It's pleasing to see how few changes re-natal has to make to the files generated by react-native init

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I’m using ReactNavigation via cljs-react-navigation and when I try to use setParams to change e.g. the title of a screen, I’m getting “One of the sources for assign has an enumerable key on the prototype chain. Are you trying to assign a prototype property? We don’t allow it, as this is an edge case that we do not support. This error is a performance optimization and not spec compliant.”


Anyone else seen and/or fixed this?


I think I saw this once when I tried running a side effect that modified the component while it was in the rendering process. You might want to check if you are calling setParams while rendering


Cool, thanks for the pointer

Oliver George06:05:08

@mfikes I made good and actually put those documents somewhere public:

Oliver George06:05:54

For anyone curious, this is a series of documents written to help get our team of Clojurescript developers up to speed with developing a React Native app. This is not a survey of all possible approaches, instead it's based on a series of design decisions with associated tradeoffs. You must be this tall to play along: * You're familiar with Clojurescript * You're familiar with re-frame Goals of these documents are a zero-feature release. That is to say app has all necessary building blocks to start adding custom features and the processes for developing, testing and releasing are established:

Oliver George06:05:16

They need lots of feedback.


@olivergeorge this is pure gold! I'm not a RN developer but I want to add support for RN to shadow-cljs. Seeing what the issues are with current tooling is tremendously helpful!

Oliver George07:05:12

yeah, it was insightful jus to try and write them down so the next person wouldn't get tripped up.


I was just reading your write up @olivergeorge, thank you!

Oliver George07:05:31

I'm no expert though, perhaps playing along will help highlight things for you.


thats exactly the point though. experts know how to navigate around certain things unconsciously and might not even mention those. so every little thing helps.

Oliver George23:05:42

Has anyone tried replacing the re-natal use-figwheel command functionality with an equivalent in clojure as part of their figwheel build scripts?

Oliver George23:05:04

I think it would address: Forgetting to regenerate index.*.js <*.js> Figwheel eating your index.*.js files <*.js>

Oliver George23:05:07

Perhaps I'm missing good reasons why that's a bad idea.