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anyone tried use re-frame-10x in re-natal or shadow-cljs expo project?

Oliver George00:05:01

I just came across this in the status-im source code. Made me think of you...

Oliver George00:05:33

Tell me if you have success. I'd like to add it to if it's reliable.


@olivergeorge Hi, yes. I built a sample app using just a clojure cli script without dependency needs of re-natal and leiningen. Please check it out But I found some little problems with 2 RN libraries used for the sample app - react-navigation, react-native-material-ui. 1. react-navigation current route is not preserved when figwheel is enabled during development, so every time I edit and save a file, current route is reset to the default route. 2. react-native-material-ui vector icons not showing. feedback welcome 🙂


@olivergeorge At status we are in the process of building a library to replace re-natal. We plan to open it to the community. (@psdp is working on it?) Feel free to shim in !

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Oliver George06:05:13

Thanks @psdp I look forward to checking that out.


anybody has examples/samples of running background tasks?


@dotemacs no I have not. Thanks. Have you seen any open source clojurescript projects making use of them ?


@clojurians558 well, @vikeri is the author of one of them and he does ClojureScript...


@psdp For navigation, you need to save your navigation state somewhere and load it on init to preserve state between reloads


@psdp For your icons, you might need to run react-native link to have the vector assets copied into your bundle