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But yeah - I get what you mean 🙂


I guess the ticketing system to this repo is his email. He sounded positive about the report, it's not solved yet. Seems bit mysterious what's causing this

(defun test-backward-delete-char (&optional arg)
  (interactive "P")
  (let ((delete-active-region nil))
    (backward-delete-char-untabify +1)))
binding this function to a key will produce this backspace effect, but calling backward-delete-char-untabify with a key or M-x will not make the eldoc go away. As if the function must be called backward-delete-char-untabify or eldoc disappears. Useing call-interactively also doesnt make a difference or funcall.


Can someone do me a favor and try to package-install spinner if they don't already have it?


Yeah, It's odd, I can definitely install it from some locations, but not on my home laptop computer


ah it's here on elpa didn't know that something could be on elpa but not melpa.


mainly through cider, it fails with a signature check


I'll try switching to stable instead of, seemed to fix a different cider installation problem on another laptop


what was the mode again that give you suggestions about available major mode for a given file when you don't have any major mode spcified. Say like .cmake and then emacs would say: hay would you like this mode x for cmake?


Prelude does something like this, not sure if there’s a mode/package for this.


I planned to extract this from Prelude but I never got to doing so.