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I've updated to Figwheel 0.5.16, but it keeps complaining about Figwheel Client Version 0.5.14 is not equal to Figwheel Sidecar Version 0.5.16. Shutting down Websocket Connection!, I already cleaned everything and checked deps, but it keeps coming back, is there anything else I could check that I'm missing?


seems solved by deleting the target folder, I was just deleting the js files before


nope, still hapenning =/


OK, be sure to delete ~/.cljs/.aot_cache/


also change the server-port to stop the cached assets from being pulled in


@bhauman thanks, I tried all of those (except change server-port, I can't because I'm doing things that require me to use a specific port, but I have disable cache enabled all the time on Chrome)


but from time to time, when I save some file, I'm getting a bunch of NPE, and usually after that I get the server version problem


I think it's something that is on my machine, because the same project on a different dev computer seems to run without problems, so I think it can be some crazy cache somewhere


I restarted my computer and now all seem fine, my guess is that I had some dirty instance of figwheel running and that was competing with another fighwheel run, all good now 🙂