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Question about re-frame-10x: When you have a realtime application that uses polling or sockets to update the state several times per second, 10x seems to constantly refresh with new events and is not really usable. Am I misunderstanding how to use it, or is this a real problem?


In settings, you can tell re-frame-10x to ignore certain events (in your case the ones happening several times per second)


right, should have spotted that one. Tried this now with no success. Will debug some more, trying to just remove the polling to get the noise level down


Still not working for me. Removed all my polling except one. Inserting that id into "Ignore epochs". Still refreshes 10x every second. Refresh goes away when removing the last poll interval. The "ignore epoch" config for that interval looks like this: :simulators-interval/tick


I just tested it in my code, for a text-area field that updates as you type and it works for me. The event I entered into the "Ignore epochs for" field was :request/agency-notes-changed so quite similar in structure to yours. May I suggest you press the "Factory Reset" button and enter it in again?


Thanks, tried that too. Still no change in behavior. Since nobody else is experiencing this problem, I assume I did something wrong somewhere. Time to do some debugging 🙂