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@rgm I think you need lambdaisland.deep-diff.printer/register-print-handler!


have a look at kaocha.master-combinators for an example


actually, no. scratch that. The issue here is that these assertions are serialized to transit, and then reported on the kaocha/clj side. See kaocha.cljs.websocket-client. We don't currently have a mechanism for registering new handlers there.


although, not sure of that either. We have some stuff in place to generate these messages on the cljs side and send them over the wire, where it's using cljs.print and pjstadig.print, but since you're seeing diff-style output it's seems that's actually not getting picked up. We only diff on the clj side, deep-diff wasn't available yet for cljs when kaocha-cljs was written


which reporter(s) are you using? the kaocha built-in ones or something else?


Hi Arne … yeah, just the built-in one.


Thinking about it with a clear head having slept, maybe the pragmatic solution here is to make use of the msg in (clojure.test/is form msg)