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Drew Verlee16:04:03

Does anyone have a strategy for managing different environments? Specifically lets say i have two github repos for my server and client. Each can started in different modes depending on env vars. Spacemacs layouts can save my buffers and the files i'm working on. But i still need to start repls on both and connect as well as set my env vars. I'm guessing what i want is some custom emacs code to load a layout and automatically launch the repl (how ever the project defines that) as well as set the envs.


@drewverlee Maybe custom layout would help I assume use some kind of profile (dev, prod) in the clojure project and include that in the call to the repl. Then have a dev-layout and prod-layout. This is all theoretical of course


I've just installed shadow-cljs (on Linux, to /usr/local/bin/shadow-cljs). When I try to cider-jack-in-cljs I get npx shadow-cljs executable not on exec-path. From google I think I need to add the location to my exec path. Is that correct? If so where do I do that?


Ah, so the issue was I didn't have npx installed 😛


@allaboutthatmace1789 for future reference, on Spacemacs develop branch SPC f e e opens the spacemacs.env file that contains the path used by Emacs. Use getenv for Spacemacs master .

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out of nowhere my spacemacs frame stay centered and full width of my screen. if I try to adjust width, or loaction it snaps back. Anyone got any ideas?


Check SPC w c c or C


didn’t seem to do the trick. Thanks though!

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