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How would I configure emacs so that it indents these testing macros like this

(describe "Fruits"
  (describe "Apples"
    (it "is red" []
      ;; assertion code


We tried (put-clojure-indent 'it 1) but I think that doesn’t work properly for it due to the extra []? I’m not sure.


shouldn't that be 2? since there are 2 "head" params there


@UCPS050BV thanks, I wasn’t quite clear about the syntax there but I’ll give this a shot!


Hi, I’m using flycheck-mode with clojure-mode and it’s working properly, most of the time, but right now I have a lot of promenade calls in codebase, like promenade/mlet Flycheck complains because mlet is not recognized as form of let . Is there a known way to add own special forms to syntax checker to fix this inconvenience?

Nir Rubinstein14:04:06

flycheck probably uses joker and/or clj-kondo for checking - both of them can be configured to ignore/accept these kind of error


awesome, thanks

👍 1

found clj-kondo configuration and it just worked, awesome stuff 😄


Started using org-journal (and now wondering how I lived without it). Has anyone exported the journal to a website with a nice CSS theme? I'd like to just push the content to GitHub or GitLab pages and have something easy to navigate the daily journal. Any pointers would be great. I've seen a few mentions of org-hugo, but wondering if there is a way to do it without a static website build tool.