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Andrea Russo13:04:26

I imported through shadow-cljs a react component library, called react-bootstrap, which has some react components, like Row, Cols etc.

Andrea Russo13:04:52

when I try to use those components in my hiccup like this:

Andrea Russo13:04:03

[:> Row (doall (for [d @ds] [:> Col (dataset-item d)]))]

Andrea Russo13:04:13

I get error messages like this one:

Andrea Russo13:04:05

error when calling lifecycle function dias-web.core/mount-root TypeError: Cannot convert a Symbol value to a string

Andrea Russo13:04:23

does someone have any clue about how to solve this problem?

Andrea Russo14:04:54

thank you very much, it seems it’s still not solved


But you can write code that works around that issue.

Andrea Russo14:04:50

yes the r/adapt-react-class adapter

Andrea Russo14:04:00

thanks I tried right now and it works