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Adrian Smith08:04:35

Does any one remember what we're doing today?

Adrian Smith08:04:46

I've got a lsp server I can show off after the main event


Sorry I've not replied. I've not been well for the last two weeks. I should be there to night, on-line. Matt was going to show -


I'd like to see your lsp server too


@sfyire are you using clojure-lsp, clj-kondo-lsp server or something else? I've used clj-kondo as an LSP, which just provides linting. I would be interested in understaning more about where LSP fits in with Clojure so far. Thanks.

Adrian Smith16:04:24

ah yeah I remember now, @jr0cket I've stolen some code from clj-kondo server which so far has allowed me to communicate with my editor

Adrian Smith16:04:44

I'm going to do a very basic php linter on friday for work's workshop, then after that try and use to index a clojure project for analysis

Adrian Smith16:04:07

@jr0cket my plan with it is to scan for keyword based specs then scan edn files for matching keywords then apply the constraints

Adrian Smith16:04:16

then keep upping the complexity to include function based specs, till it works with dynamic inputs & normal clojure files etc by flowing known things around and using the existing specs that cover core but that seems a way off yet trying to just keep it simple initially since checking config files is still useful