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acquired a Pixel 4 - Android dev REPL not working but it should be easier now for me to get to bottom of it. So far having a great experience on iOS, and decent one on Android simulator

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Michaƫl Salihi07:04:33

Woohoo! I will finally have the chance to test Krell completely! So frustrated from day one šŸ™‚


I was able to connect a Krell REPL to my Pixel 4, it's a bit slow to discover ~3-20 seconds, but once connected it's very fast


if you want to try master make sure you blow away .cpcache in your experiment project

Michaƫl Salihi17:04:36

@dnolen FYI always no success for me with master. Try on Pixel 3 emulator and Redmi Note 7 real device. When I saw that we must delete .cpcache, I said to myself that that was it, but unfortunately it didn't change anything.


@admin055 sorry - won't be able to help you specifically w/ the current iteration since there's not a clear path to repro. I'm looking at alternatives to the mDNS lib - and likely a second method of connecting.

Michaƫl Salihi17:04:28

@dnolen Yes I understand thank you. If this behaviour seems specific for my config/workstation, I'll try to get to bottom of it and let you know if I succed.


Are you able to connect your device with any other React native, say a plain JS one, without ClojureScript? Is your USB cable able to handle the connection to the physical device outside Krell?

Michaƫl Salihi17:04:32

@dotemacs Thank you for looking into the matter. Yes for both questions. I do regulary development in plain React Native on emulator and real devices in plain RN JS and CLJS (Re-natal, Shadow-CLJS,...) too.


I seeā€¦ I was hoping that it might not be a Krell specific thingā€¦

Michaƫl Salihi18:04:01

@dnolen It progress! I can now see the REPL prompt and my device. Now that stop at the connecting step...

Michaƫl Salihi18:04:34

The port forwarding seems to be OK


that's a bit strange since if you can't connect it should just crash

Michaƫl Salihi19:04:02

:thinking_face:...I continue to debug.

Michaƫl Salihi19:04:11

we'll get there ! šŸ™‚

Michaƫl Salihi19:04:13

After numerous tries, I reboot my phone, uncheck and check USB debugging conf and now I.T. W.O.R.K.S ! šŸŽ‰ And I can say Krell is awesome ! Thx for the work @dnolen!


@admin055 well not awesome yet - but it's getting there šŸ™‚


I pushed a bit of a hack for Android - it's much more reliable - occasionally REPL isn't discovered

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but more often you see discovery in a couple of seconds now

Michaƫl Salihi19:04:55

yes it's fast since it works.