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Lone Ranger16:04:49

Okay finally have my private maven all set up on artifactory, verified that the code is deployed there. Choking on how to include that in the deps.edn for the project, though.

 { {:mvn/version "0.1.5"
                         :mvn/repos   {"central" {:url ""}}}
I assume that is not correct

Lone Ranger16:04:47


$ clj -m figwheel.main -bo dev
Error building classpath. Could not find artifact in central ()

Lone Ranger16:04:31

ah, think I got it. well at least it's complaining it can't file the file at the right location

Lone Ranger16:04:37

new error message, I'll call that a success


Isn't :mvn/repos supposed to be a top-level key?

Lone Ranger16:04:28

yep. and I needed so use deps correctly

Lone Ranger16:04:15

:mvn/repos   {"business" {:url ""}}
:deps        { {:mvn/version "0.1.5"}}

Lone Ranger16:04:21

now at least I get a new error with that

Lone Ranger16:04:43

ah okay, no error message now, works exactly as desired

Lone Ranger16:04:58

suspiciously painless