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Danny Almeida02:03:11

Hi, is there an updated version of Yada manual ? The one on the website was last updated Jan, 2017 and there are sections missing from the manual.


I don't think there's any new documentation. What is it you need information on?

Danny Almeida00:03:53

Hi, I'm just following the manual to try and understand how everything works in yada, but since a few topics are not covered, I thought maybe there is an updated version somewhere. I'll go through the examples first and I'm not clear, I'll ask here.


How do I check to see if a date exists between 2 bounds. eg (unknown-between-function (t/bounds (t/year 2000)) (t/instant "2000-05-01T00:00"))


So I check the beginning and end of the boundary of that year?


What relations are possible @dominicm? “tells us there are 13 possible relations between two intervals.” All I know how to get is :meets and :precedes


There used to be a thing on that page to show you visually all the options. Not sure what happened.


My algebra is a bit sloppy so the wikipedia doesn’t help. Managed to find a few playing in the repl 🙂


:precedes / :preceded-by :meets / :met-by :starts / :started-by :finishes / :finished-by :overlaps / :overlapped-by :during :contains :equals

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The Wikipedia page has good visualisations, slightly different nomenclature though