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is there a recommended pattern to fallback on a remote parser when a local parser didn't find all keys? should it be a mega resolver or a last reader?


@yenda that's whats coming on the next version 🙂 I have two projects using a setup in the way you described, they have both local parsers (running on CLJS) and remote parsers (running on some server), for basic cases it already works, but I still have to document a lot of it, and I'm still working on some tooling, so until I have docs and tools I dont recommend it for general usage. but if you are feeling adventurous, there are examples in the tests: (use the alpha releases to have it available)


I also like to improve the visibility of the work I'm doing, because that's been a quite long work process to get this out, and I like to provide something so people that want to follow can know whats going on, not going deep on this now, but expect some news around that soon 🙂

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@wilkerlucio that look awesome! In my case I have a pretty simple use case because I only have one remote and I know that whatever isn't solved locally will be solved remotely, so I was basically looking for a solution to send the remainers of the query that have not been solved to the remote


but maybe it isn't that simple, I was hoping there would be a way to get the remaining query after the local parser ran and just send it to the remote parser


this can be done with some map manipulation code, get the query, query the data, make a diff and run, I guess its a simpler problem


and were would you do that? in a custom reader?


depends on the case, are you doing it in a fulcro app?


no re-frame


I run the local parser on app-db


I'd like to know what is the best place to rebuild a query based on all the ::p/not-found in the result of the local parser


maybe just work it out from the result of the local parser and the initial query


as a first step I could just re-run the whole query, I'd just need a way to know if the response is incomplete without looking at it