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I have been using Chlorine for the last week, it has been super-reliable, and a joy to use … Thank you @mauricio.szabo


Great, thanks a lot! If you have any problems / troubles or suggestions, post here 🙂


I agree. Chlorine is outstanding. All of my issues are around Atom, which is annoyingly flaky.


Yes, unfortunately sometimes I also feel the flakyness of Atom. To be honest, I'm not even sure if is possible to have an editor as flexible as Atom without these issues...


For example, there are lots of limitations on VSCode to avoid this flakyness, and indeed it feels faster / more mature, but way less flexible too...


i just wish it were easier to diagnose plugin issues in atom...there seems to be precious little logged in any obvious way.


Yes, even if you configure to log more info on Atom, it doesn't log much... It gets worse when you look at what Atom offers you to test your packages (and even how their packages are tested)...


i really wonder how the atom developers manage...


The good thing about Atom is that almost everything is an editor plug-in. So, for example, if you see that something is crashing Atom / making it slow, you can replace it with your own version

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(for example, I found out that some of the slowdown I was experiencing on Chlorine was because of Ink)