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hi everyone! quick question here. I wrote a luminus based app and a small crawler inside the app that I want to run repeatedly. I use for the scheduling part. now I just want to see what is the best way to initiate my crawler (any job) in a luminus based app. do I go to my main function and modify it to include scheduling my job or is there a rather better practice for this?


ok, I think I figured it out. I am using the idea of components as described in luminus documentation here briefly: I needed to define a function that starts the component, a function that stops the component, use those two functions in (defstate env-var :start start-func :stop stop-func) [all this in the namespace where I create my component], and then require this namespace in env/dev/user.clj


Why is it emphasized in the docs that dev-config.edn should not be checked into the source repo? Since it’s a local db anyway, what is the issue?